Deer Hunting

chris's150 class2011 whitetailAt Batiuk and Son Guiding and Outfitting Service we have various hunting opportunities to fit your needs from private land hunts to lake and river hunts. Our private land hunts consist of baited  site with both ladder stands and ground blinds for your comfort. We start baiting these sites 3 weeks before the first week of our season, which is the last week of October to the 15th of November, we feel that these are your best weeks in harvesting your trophy.

Our lake and river hunts consist of ladder stand and ground blinds overlooking swamps, bottle necks, and ridge tops where the big boys like to travel.  We will also bait your stand  while you hunt these areas. There are many islands to choose  from with lots of deer on them. Prior to your arrival we scout these areas using trail cameras on all of the stand sites to see what is out there.

Weather permitting there is also guided fishing  and grouse hunting opportunities at no extra cost. After your day of hunting you can then retreat back to your motel (kitchenette unit) where a hot shower awaits you. We are very flexible and can change  your trip needs at anytime during your stay. Being a small operation we only take 6 hunters per week to insure that you are well taken care of.

Full service at economy prices, quality guided experience quality equipment , capping and quartering of deer, freezer storage, fishing opportunities when tag out. Taxidermy with Mr Fish Taxidermy.

We also offer combination fall duck hunting/fishing trips as well as archery / rifle small game / fishing trips.